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[Sample Record]

Title: “Aramco In Talks For Tech Venture”, in Wall Street Journal, February 2, 2018. p. B4.

Abstract: Saudi state owned Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Aramco) and Alphabet are in talks to build a tech hub inside Saudi Arabia. As part of the joint ventures, Alphabet would help Aramco build data centers around Saudi Arabia; there are no details about the data centers. Talks have includes CEO Larry Page and have been encouraged by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman [MbS] who wants to import Silicon Valley expertise into Saudi Arabia.

Separately, is close to finalizing a $1 billion deal to build three data centers in Saudi Arabia. Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet are all aggressively moving into the Middle East, but none have yet developed an data center region (a network of data centers) for the area. Most Internet services in the region are provided from Europe and are slow. [TXT]

Author: Farrell, Maureen; Faucon, Benoit; Said, Summer; Greene, Jay; Parasie, Nicholas

Published: 2018

Geographic: Saudi Arabia, Silicon Valley, USA

Subject: Data Centers, Electronic Commerce, FISAUDI, Internet, Industrial Policy, Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer

Corporate: Google Inc., Alphabet, Microsoft Corp.,, Aramco, Saudi Arabian Oil Co.

Named Person: Page, Larry [USA]; Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman [Saudi Arabia]; MbS [Saudi Arabia]

Place of Publication: USA > 2018

Document Type: Newspaper

Record Type: Abstract