Table: Floristics: An Integrated Assessment of the Vascular Plant Species of the Americas

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Title: “Floristics: An Integrated Assessment of the Vascular Plant Species of the Americas: Table: Map of the Americas Showing 12 Geographical Areas”, in Science, December 22, 2017. p.1615.

Abstract: (Restricted species are species that are found only in that one area.)

North America [Canada, USA]: total species: 15447; restricted species: 10636.
Mexico: total species: 22969; restricted species: 12069.
Central America: total species: 16335; restricted species: 5624.
West Indies: total species: 10992; restricted species: 7378.
Bolivia: total species: 14431; restricted species: 2923.
Brazil: total species: 33161; restricted species: 18316.
Colombia: total species: 23104; restricted species: 6739.
Ecuador: total species: 17548; restricted species: 5480.
Guianas [French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname]: total species: 6271; restricted species: 1113.
Peru: total species: 19147; restricted species: 7590.
Southern Cone [Argentina, Chile, Paraguay]: total species: 13125; restricted species: 5853.
Venezuela: total species: 15116; restricted species: 3359.

The “Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Americas” is available as a text document in the supplemental materials, and all of the information is publicly available on a website on the Missouri Botanical Garden database Tropicos at [=]

Author: Ulloa Ulloa, Carmen; Acevedo-Rodriguez, Pedro; Beck, Stephen; Belgrano, Manuel J.; Bernal, Rodrigo; Berry, Paul E.; Brako, Lois; Velis, Marcela; Davidse, Gerrit; Forzza, Rafaela C.; Gardstein, S. Robbert; Hokcke, Omaira; Leon, Blanca; Leon-Yanez, Susana; Mahill, Robert E.; Neill, David A.; Nee, Michael; Raven, Peter H.; Stimmel, Heather; Strong, Mark T.; Villasenor, Jose L.; Zarucchi, James L.; Zuloaga, Fernando O.; Jorgensen, Peter M.

Published: 2017
Geographic: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, French Guiana, Guyana, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, USA, Venezuela, West Indies

Subject: Botany, Statistics
Corporate: Missouri Botanical Garden
Place of Publication: USA
Document Type: Journal
ISSN: 0036-8075
Record Type: Statistics (Table)
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