Table: Business Empire: Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal

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Note: This record illustrates use of the “Foreign Investment” descriptos, here FIFRANCE (“Foreign Investment in France”) and FIUS (“Foreign Investment in the United States”).

Table: “Business Empire: Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal Has Built A Vast Network of Holdings Across The World: Publicly Disclosed Stake In Major Companies”, in Wall Street Journal, December 23-24, 2017. p. A8.

Kingdom Holding (Prince Al-Waleed’s holding company): 95.0%.

Four Seasons (luxury hotel chain): 47.5%.

Flynas (Saudi Budget Airline): 34.0%.

Banque Saudi-France (bank): 16.2%.

Accor (hotel chain): 5.8%.

Twitter (social media platform): 4.7%.

Euro Disney (French theme park): 1.0%.

Source: Kingdom Holding; FactSet. [=]


Author: Kingdom Holdings

Published: 2018

Geographic: France, Saudi Arabia, USA

Subject: Amusement Parks, Banking, FIFRANCE, FIUS, Holding Companies, Hotels, Internet, Statistics

Corporate: Kingdom Holding, Four Seasons, Flynas, Banque Saudi-France, Accor, Twitter, Euro Disney

Named Person: Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal [Saudi Arabia]

Place of Publication: USA >2018

Document Type: Newspaper

Record Type: Table