Table: A Century of Techopoly

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Table: “A Century of Techopoly: Today’s Tech Companies Enjoy Market Shares Similar to Monopolies of Earlier Eras, 1896-2017”, in Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2018. p. A10.

1896: General Electric and Westinghouse: 75% of electric lamps; the firms cross-licensed their patents.
1904: Standard Oil: 87% of refined oil products.
1930s-1940s: E.I. Du Pont de Nemours: 75% of cellophane; Sylvania: 25%; Sylvania licensed DuPont patents.
1939: AT&T Corp.: 93% of phone calls.
1955: IBM Corp.: 75% of digital computer installations.
1971: Xerox Corp.: 86% of photocopier sales & leases.
1999: Microsoft Corp.: 80% of desktop operating systems.
2017: 44% online commerce.
2017: 75% electronic books.
2017: Apple: 54% mobile operating systems; Google: 45%.
2017: Google: 42% online advertising revenue; Facebook 21%.
2017: Google: 89% of internet searches.

Sources: Michael Shearer; Harvard University; Federal District Court; Statcounter; eMarketer; Global Web Index; Codex Game. [=]

Published: 2018
Geographic: USA
Subject: Advertising, Cellophane, Chemical Industries, Duopolies, Electronic Books, Electronic Commerce, Internet, Lamps, Licensing Agreements, Market Share, Market Share-Advertising, Market Share-Cellophane, Market Share-Chemical Industries, Market Share-Electronic Books, Market Share-Electronic Commerce, Market Share-Lamps, Market Share-Mobile Telephones, Market Share-Operating Systems, Market Share-Petroleum Products, Market Share-Photocopiers, Market Share-Search Engines, Market Share-Telecommunications, Mobile Telephones, Monopolies, Oil, Operating Systems, Patents, Petroleum Products, Photocopiers, Search Engines, Statistics, Telecommunications
Corporate: General Electric Co., Westinghouse Corp., Standard Oi, E.I. Du Pont de Nemours, Sylvania, DuPont, AT&T Corp., IBM Corp., Xerox Corp., Microsoft Corp.,, Apple Inc., Google Inc.

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